35 miles East of the hustle and bustle of Eugene/Springfield is an easy-going little town that is the gateway to some of Oregon's most beautiful scenery.

Oakridge Real Estate offers you many opportunities to be a part of Oregon's perfect paradise.

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Welcome To The Oakridge/Westfir Area!

Oakridge is literally in the center of the Northwest's recreational paradise.


The climate for Oakridge is moderate at 1000 feet above sea level. The temperature average has a high in the mid eighties and a low of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The average winter snowfall is around 11-12 inches. November is the wettest month with an average of 7-8 inches.

Economic Development

The Oakridge-Westfir area has a population of around 5000 people. Within 30 miles, it jumps to 75,000. It is a town with a ready workforce of hard-working, friendly people and ample opportunity for economic expansion and development.


There is no traffic congestion problem, and the well-maintained Highway 58 is about 40 minutes away from Eugene. Oakridge Airport is a non-towered, unattended General Aviation airport. The 3,565-foot runway has a paved width of 50 feet.


The school system is equipped with Internet and has high ideals for educating students to reach their full potential as global citizens. There are about 800 children in kindergarten through 12th grades. Lane Community College has a learning center here as well.


Cultural Oakridge has a blossoming involvement in The Arts with a theater group and various galleries featuring the work of fine local artists. City of Eugene An easy 40 mile drive away, the valley city features fine dining, and world-class entertainment events scattered throughout the year at the Hult Center, U of O campus, and even in the city’s streets. The Willamette Valley Folk Festival, The Bach Festival, Eugene Celebration, and the Oregon Country Fair all find their home in this culturally diverse town. Religious centers for most faiths is available.

Oakridge boasts being the Mountain Biking Capital of the World. This may be debated, but not the fact that the area has fantastic trails for relaxation, beauty, or utmost challenge.